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  • Dan Kirby

    Dan Kirby Conservation Scientist Private Practice Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Previous Next Boston, MA, USA MEMBER INFORMATION Participant 2021 ​ After careers as an analytical chemist in semiconductor electronics, pharmaceuticals and academic research, Dan redirected his interests to conservation. He currently works in private practice and as a volunteer in the Scientific Research Lab at the MFA, Boston and as a Visiting Scholar at Northeastern University. Dan specializes in applications of mass spectrometry in art and cultural heritage, with a particular interest in protein identification. All members

  • Clara Granzotto

    Clara Granzotto Assistant Conservation Scientist Scientific Research, Department of Conservation and Science The Art Institute of Chicago Previous Next Chicago, IL, USA MEMBER INFORMATION Team Presenter 2021, Participant 2018 Accretion, accumulation, encrustation? Reconciling scientific and curatorial perspectives when reporting on surface materials on African sculptures Clara Granzotto is Assistant Conservation Scientist in the Conservation and Science department at the Art Institute of Chicago. She received her Ph.D. in chemical sciences from the University of Venice, Italy, and the University of Lille, France. Clara conducted post-doctoral research at the Center for Scientific Studies in the Arts at Northwestern University in Evanston (IL), at the scientific department of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. She specializes in the analysis of traditional binding media in works of art by mass spectrometry, with a focus on polysaccharides and proteins, to understand artists’ technique, artworks appearance and condition. Read Abstract All members

  • Noam Mizhrahi

    Noam Mizhrahi The Richard Lounsbery Foundation Previous Next Jerusalem, Israel MEMBER INFORMATION Participant 2021 ​ ​ All members

  • Cecilia Flocco

    Cecilia Flocco Scientist Leibniz Institute DSMZ-German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures Department of Microbial Ecology and Diversity Research Previous Next Brunswick, Germany MEMBER INFORMATION Poster Presenter 2021 Microbiome reveals history of human-interactions in the museum - a pilot project Cecilia G. Flocco is an interdisciplinary scientist and technology consultant working at the intersection of life and environmental sciences with cultural heritage research. She is currently based in Braunschweig, Germany, conducting research at the Leibniz-Institute DSMZ-German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures GmbH, one of the largest biological resources centers worldwide. Her current research interests encompass understanding the dynamics of microbial communities in extreme environments and niche habitats, such as polar regions (Antarctica) and cultural legacy objects, and advancing interdisciplinary approaches to cultural heritage research. Read Abstract All members

  • Francesca Galluzzi

    Francesca Galluzzi Postdoctoral Researcher University of Bordeaux Previous Next Bordeaux, France MEMBER INFORMATION Poster Presenter 2021 Hydrogen deuterium exchange mass spectrometry to elucidate reticulations, interactions and conformational changes of proteins in tempera paintings Dr Francesca Galluzzi is a postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Bordeaux. Her BSc and MSc degree were in Science for Cultural Heritage analysis (University of Venice and Bologna). She earned her PhD in Chemical Science from the University of Bordeaux in 2021. The doctoral project was part of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie European Training Network TEMPERA, and it was focused on the development of new methodologies based on mass spectrometry for the analysis of proteinaceous compounds in different artistic materials. Her research interests include the characterisation of proteins collected at the trace level (following the bottom up and top-down approaches) and the investigation of chemical and structural modifications induced in proteins by processes of ageing and degradation (particularly cross-linking formations). Read Abstract All members

  • Margaret Holben Ellis

    Margaret Holben Ellis Eugene Thaw Professor Emerita Institute of Fine Arts New York University Previous Next New York, NY, USA MEMBER INFORMATION Co-organizer 2018 + 2021 ​ Professor Ellis teaches the conservation treatment of prints and drawings and technical connoisseurship for art historians. She served as founding Director of the Thaw Conservation Center at the Morgan Library & Museum until January 2017. She is a Fellow and current President of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC), a Fellow of the International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (IIC), a Fellow of the American Academy in Rome, and an Accredited Conservator/Restorer of the Institute of Conservation (ICON). She was Editor for Philosophical and Historical Issues in the Conservation of Works of Art on Paper (2014; Getty Conservation Institute); the 2nd edition of her book, The Care of Prints and Drawings appeared in 2017. All members

  • Susan Gagliardi

    Susan Gagliardi Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies Emory University Art History Department Previous Next Atlanta, GA, USA MEMBER INFORMATION Poster Presenter 2021 Accretion, accumulation, encrustation? Reconciling scientific and curatorial perspectives when reporting on surface materials on African sculptures Susan E. Gagliardi is an associate professor of art history at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. She is also a core faculty member of Emory’s Institute of African Studies, and currently serves as director of graduate studies for Emory’s PhD program in art history. Her research and teaching focuses on the arts of Africa. She has spent a total of more than twenty-one months in Burkina Faso, where she has worked with power association leaders and other community members to study the organizations and their arts. She has also conducted archival and museum-based research in Africa, Europe, and North America. Read Abstract All members

  • Paint Binders | Art Bio Matters

    Paint Binders A binder is a substance that adheres the paint's pigment particles to the surface of the support (canvas, wood). Historically, proteins such as milk, egg, and animal glue served as the original binder. Back to Materials Composition Conservation Historical Use Case Studies Coming Soon We need you to develop new content for the ABM website. Please email or message in Slack if you are interested in building the ABM website.