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  • John Wilson

    John Wilson Founder and CEO ProtiFi Previous Next Melville, NY, USA MEMBER INFORMATION Participant 2021 ​ Dr. John P. Wilson, Ph.D., is Founder and CEO of ProtiFi, an omics-solutions innovator with the goal to bring precision omics to life™ originally spun out of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL). Dr. Wilson has dedicated his career to developing new transformative technologies to increase the speed, robustness and reproducibility of omics analyses. Technologies include the S-Trap sample preparation system and SimpliFi, ProtiFi's cloud-based, intuitive omics analysis platform. He received his PhD from the Rockefeller University and postdoced at CSHL. All members

  • OLD HOME | Art Bio Matters

    Welcome to ABM A Cross-Disciplinary Hub for Biological Materials Research in Cultural Heritage Education About ABM Members Opportunities Community Resources Meetings MISSION STATEMENT ART BIO MATTERS (ABM) provides a stimulating forum in which to explore current and new directions in the study of biological materials found in cultural heritage collections. Communication and partnerships are facilitated by a robust website, dedicated Slack channel, and interactive Art Bio Matters Meetings. While the core disciplines of ABM are science, curatorial/cultural history, and conservation, ABM welcomes other stakeholders involved in cultural heritage studies. A key aspect of the forum is the opportunity to discuss research at any stage of completion among a balanced community of experts in a format designed to promote collegial dialogue and debate. Read more about ABM VIRTUAL CONFERENCE ABM 2021 The virtual ABM 2021 meeting brought together a balanced community of specialists in a dynamic forum for open dialogue and debate. The goal of the ABM 2021 meeting was to nurture and grow the community that had been established in 2018. Meetings EXPLORE ABM Projects Discover projects from the ABM community Explore Opportunities Explore opportunities for education, professional development, employment, funding, and more. Show more Events Stay connected to the most recent events with bimonthly ABM virtual presentations by ABM Members and other events of interest. Show more Join us and become a part of the ABM c ommunity

  • Cynthia Schwarz

    Cynthia Schwarz Associate Conservator of Paintings Yale University Art Gallery Previous Next New Haven, CT, USA MEMBER INFORMATION Participant 2018 ​ As a painting conservator, Cindy Schwarz focuses on the treatment of modern and contemporary paintings. She also co-teaches the course Art and Biomolecular Recognition and collaborates on the development of gecko-inspired micropillar structures for the cleaning of works of art. All members

  • Aysin Yoltar

    Aysin Yoltar Hagop Kevorkian Associate Curator of Islamic Art Brooklyn Museum Previous Next New York, NY, USA MEMBER INFORMATION Participant 2018 ​ Dr. Aysin Yoltar received her M.A. and Ph.D. in art history from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. Before joining the Brooklyn Museum, she held curatorial positions at the Harvard Art Museums and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She also taught at several universities in Turkey and the US. She focuses on Islamic illustrated manuscripts. All members

  • Charlotte Hale

    Charlotte Hale Conservator Sherman Fairchild Center for Paintings Conservation The Metropolitan Museum of Art Previous Next New York, NY, USA MEMBER INFORMATION Participant 2018 ​ Charlotte Hale received her training in the conservation of paintings at the Courtauld Institute of Art, and joined the Department of Paintings Conservation at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1987. Her publications include technical studies of works by Lorenzo Monaco, Giovanni Bellini, Velázquez, Cézanne, Gauguin, Van Gogh, and Seurat. All members

  • Nathan Wales

    Nathan Wales Lecturer Department of Archaeology University of York Previous Next York, UK MEMBER INFORMATION Speaker 2018 The Potential of Analyzing DNA from Ancient and Historic Works of Art Dr. Nathan Wales is affiliated with the University of York where he directs the ancient DNA laboratory in the Department of Archaeology. He specializes in recovering DNA from degraded plant remains, and his primary research is focused on understanding how humans domesticated species like corn, sunflower, and grapevine. Read Abstract All members

  • Adhesives

    Composition Conservation Historical Use Case Studies Coming Soon We need you to develop new content for the ABM website. Please email or message in Slack if you are interested in building the ABM website. Back to Materials Adhesives Used to glue or bind things together, biomolecule-based adhesives are incredibly wide ranging from proteins (hide or bone glues, egg, casein) to polysachharides (rice or wheat paste, plant gums) to lipids (beeswax) and more. Previous Next

  • Ellen Pearlstein

    Ellen Pearlstein Professor The American Wing UCLA/Getty Program in the Conservation of Cultural HeritageNew York Previous Next Los Angeles, CA, USA MEMBER INFORMATION Participant 2021 + 2018 ​ Ellen Pearlstein is a professor of Cultural Heritage Conservation at UCLA/Getty. She incorporates Indigenous instruction into graduate conservation education. Ellen is Director of the Andrew W. Mellon Opportunity for Diversity in Conservation, a Keck Prize awardee, and recent recipient of a Rome Prize. She is completing the upcoming Conservation and Stewardship of Indigenous Collections: Changes and Transformations, in the GCI’s Readings in Conservation series. All members

  • Caroline Solazzo

    Caroline Solazzo Museum Conservation Institute Smithsonian Institution Previous Next Suitland, MD, USA MEMBER INFORMATION Participant 2018 ​ Dr. Solazzo has been a research scientist at MCI since 2017 and a research fellow since 2012. Her research is focused on the utilization of protein products in material culture and the development of proteomics methods for the analysis of ancient proteins in cultural heritage. She specializes in the characterization of keratin-based tissues and other textile fibers. All members

  • Asher Newsome

    Asher Newsome Research Physical Scientist Smithsonian's Museum Conservation Institute Previous Next Suitland-Silver Hill, MD, USA MEMBER INFORMATION Poster Presenter 2021 Non-proximate Ambient Mass Spectrometry Sampling of Large, Intact Cultural Heritage Objects G. Asher Newsome received his doctorate in Analytical Chemistry from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill in 2009, where he designed new instrumentation and methods for ion trap mass spectrometry. Since joining the Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute in 2017, he has been particularly focused on adapting ambient ionization methods to cultural heritage analysis. His research places special consideration on minimizing sample damage and analyzing objects too physically large for standard methods. Read Abstract All members