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  • Dan Kirby

    Dan Kirby Conservation Scientist Private Practice Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Previous Next Boston, MA, USA MEMBER INFORMATION Participant 2021 After careers as an analytical chemist in semiconductor electronics, pharmaceuticals and academic research, Dan redirected his interests to conservation. He currently works in private practice and as a volunteer in the Scientific Research Lab at the MFA, Boston and as a Visiting Scholar at Northeastern University. Dan specializes in applications of mass spectrometry in art and cultural heritage, with a particular interest in protein identification. ​ ​ All members

  • Joshua Henkin

    Joshua Henkin Research Associate Field Museum of Natural History, Department of Botany Previous Next ​ MEMBER INFORMATION Poster Presenter 2023 Joshua Matthew Henkin studied at the University of Pennsylvania (B.A., Biochemistry, 2010) and at the University of Illinois at Chicago (Ph.D., Medical Ethnobotany/Pharmacognosy, 2019). He has contributed to the characterization of pre-Roman herbal wine from southern France, as well as to ethnobotanical and phytochemical analysis of ancient chicha de molle brewery remains in southern Peru. Now an amateur Andeanist, Joshua fervently aspires to continue working with archaeological and botanical collections for many years to come. A Preliminary Workflow Towards the Integrative Authentication and Dye Analysis of Ancient Peruvian Textiles at the Detroit Institute of Arts Read Abstract ​ All members

  • Tom Sakmar

    Tom Sakmar Richard M. & Isabel P. Furlaud Professor The Rockefeller University Previous Next New York, NY, USA MEMBER INFORMATION Steering Committee 2018 Dr. Tom Sakmar is a physician-scientist and molecular biologist who studies how drugs affect the function of cell surface receptors called GPCRs. He has developed a toolbox of drug-discovery technologies that are now being applied to search for genetic material in art and cultural objects. ​ ​ All members

  • Lauren Dalecky

    Lauren Dalecky PhD Student École Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay Previous Next ​ MEMBER INFORMATION Team Presenter 2023 ​ Oil paints from Simon Hantaï's studio: a multidisciplinary glimpse at the most creative periods of his artistic life Co-authored with Molly Warnock. Read Abstract ​ All members

  • Sofie Dierickx

    Sofie Dierickx PhD Student Ghent University Previous Next Ghent, Belgium MEMBER INFORMATION Poster Presenter 2021 Sofie Dierickx graduated as wood conservator in 2018. She acquired a passion for ethnographical heritage through her internship at the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren and a traineeship at the Nationaal Museum voor Wereldculturen in the Netherlands. Currently she is working as a PhD student on the TOCOWO project (Tomography of Congolese Wooden Objects), exploring the possibilities of x-ray tomography as a non-invasive alternative for wood species identification of museum objects. ​ ​ All members

  • Ophélie Ranquet

    Ophélie Ranquet PhD Student Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Institute of Mechanical Process Engineering and Mechanics Applied Mechanics Group Previous Next Karlsruhe, Germany MEMBER INFORMATION Team Presenter 2021 Ophélie Ranquet is a PhD Student at the KIT in Germany, at the Institute of Mechanical Process Engineering and Mechanics. She completed her studies in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in France at the ENSCL (École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Lille) and at the ECPM (University of Strasbourg). Her PhD project, focused on a multi-analytical approach, is held in collaboration with Ilaria Bonaduce and Celia Duce (University of Pisa), Norbert Willenbacher (KIT) and Patrick Dietemann (Doerner Institute). She investigates the role of addition of egg yolk in linseed oil-based paints and tempera paints by using tools and technologies from different fields: rheology, physical and analytical chemistry. From egg tempera to oil painting – case studies of Domenico Ghirlandaio and Sandro Botticelli and the chemistry and microstructure of paints Read Abstract ​ All members

  • Photographs

    Composition Conservation Historical Use Case Studies Coming Soon We need you to develop new content for the ABM website. Please email or message in Slack if you are interested in building the ABM website. Back to Materials Photographs A photograph is an image which is captured using light, either electronically or on a photosensitive surface. Previous Next

  • Sven Haakanson Jr., Ph.D.

    Sven Haakanson Jr., Ph.D. Curator of North American Anthropology, Burke Museum, Professor and Chair in Anthropology, University of Washington Previous Next Seattle, Washington, USA MEMBER INFORMATION Steering Committee 2023 Sven Haakanson Jr., Ph.D., is Sugpiaq from Old Harbor, Alaska. He is a Curator of North American Anthropology at the Burke Museum, Professor and Chair in Anthropology at the University of Washington. He is a recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship (2007), the Museums Alaska Award for Excellence (2008), the ATALM Guardians of Culture and Lifeways Leadership Award (2012), and his work on the Angyaaq led it to be inducted into the Alaska Innovators Hall of Fame (2020). He joined the University of Washington in 2013. He engages communities in cultural revitalization using material reconstruction as a form of scholarship and teaching. His projects have included the reconstruction of full-sized angyaaq traditional open boats from ethnographic models, as well as halibut hooks, masks, paddles, and traditional processing of bear gut into waterproof material for clothing. He has and continues to collaborate with the community of Akhiok at their Akhiok Kids camp since 2000. ​ ​ All members

  • Hwai-ling Yeh-Lewis

    Hwai-ling Yeh-Lewis Senior Collections Manager Asian Art The Metropolitan Museum of Art Previous Next New York, NY, USA MEMBER INFORMATION Participant 2021, 2023 Hwai-ling Yeh-Lewis oversees the storage and care of over 37,000 works in the Asian Art collection. This includes all administration procedures related to acquisitions, incoming and outgoing loans, the collection database, exhibitions, and collection inventory. She also manages internal and external requests for access to the collections, and works with the collections team to facilitate gallery installations and implement the highest standards for collection care. She received her MS in education from Indiana University. ​ ​ All members

  • Emily Kaplan

    Emily Kaplan Conservator Acting Head of Conservation National Museum of the American Indian Previous Next Washington, DC, USA MEMBER INFORMATION Participant 2021 Emily Kaplan has been an objects conservator at the National Museum of the American Indian since 1994; she currently serves as Acting Head of Conservation. Her research interests include materiality and provenance studies of historic and archaeological museum collections. Emily is committed to collaborative practice in conservation through partnerships with Indigenous communities and artists. She works closely with her colleagues to manage the NMAI Conservation Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship program. ​ ​ All members

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