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Keep current on the latest research and techniques!

There are no current active opportunities to show today! If you have something you'd like to share, please send it to so we can upload it.


Jun 6, 2024 9:30 AM

Rachael Arenstein of A.M Art Conservation and founding member and current Co-Chair of the Integrated Pest Management Working Group will lead this workshop which will introduce participants to multiple aspects of IPM. Topics covered will include policy and procedure; preventing infestation; trapping and monitoring; basic pest identification; and remedial treatment. The workshop is designed for museum staff and volunteers needing to develop basic IPM knowledge or establish or improve an IPM program in their institution.


Jul 31, 2024 9:30 AM

Led by conservator and preservation consultant Donia Conn, this full-day workshop will provide participants with a unique hands-on experience in the wet salvage of historical collections (book, paper, and photographic items to textiles, furniture, and ethnographic objects) that happens after a water disaster (a flood or wet collections after the fire department puts out a fire)...


Sep 25, 2024 9:30 AM

This full-day workshop, which will be led by conservator and preservation consultant Donia Conn, is a deep dive into the theft and vandalism of collections. In the morning, participants will learn about: risk awareness; insider theft; facility design and security technology; security of information systems; working with vendors and contractors; research room management and design; developing institutional security policies and procedures; and post-event response. In the afternoon, an activity will allow participants to assess a staged museum space and identify the site's theft risk.


June 17 to 18th, 2024 9:00 AM

Learn how to be a better steward of your textile collection in this two day workshop. Expert presenter Karen DePauw will focus on the care and conservation of textiles in museum collections.


The Alexis Gregory Curatorial Practice Program introduces graduate students to diverse aspects of curatorial practice within the context of a museum. Drawing on the richness of The Met’s collections, which represents thousands of years of human creativity from across the globe, as well as the depth and breadth of its staff’s expertise, this program explores the complexities of curating in the present by focusing on object-based analysis, research, exhibition planning, collection building, gallery display, and curatorial methodologies. Course content foregrounds some of the most pressing ethical, social, and political matters facing curators and museums today.


With the support of the Getty Foundation, FAIC has created a series of self-paced modules that review key science principles in conservation.

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