Current Opportunities

Art Bio Matters Coordinator

  • 12 month position at ~33 hours/month

  • Coordinate and monitor the Slack channel

  • Develop Slack channel training

  • Monitor ABM email

  • Coordinate with web developer

  • Act a coordinator for the ABM community to collect ideas and materials for ABM website

  • Participate in the ABM 2021 meeting as note taker, Slack channel moderator, and web site coordinator

  • Help transcribe recorded sessions from ABM 2021.

  • Take the lead on bringing the ABM website to life: collect a team of contributors from the ABM 2021 meeting; Collect materials for website and upload them with website developer; monitor feedback; build a long lasting website for the ABM community.

  • Must have good computer skills (Wix, Slack, file sharing, Zoom, etc.)

  • Must be very organized, reliable, good at communicating and training, responsive, and self-motivated.

  • Should be passionate and knowledgeable about science and the arts (with a background in conservation, visual arts, science, or cultural history) : preference for those with primary training or interest in biological materials.

  • Must be passionate about being part of the building of ABM and dedicated to its success.

  • Contact info@artbiomatters.org

Art Bio Matters Web Developer

  • Help redevelop the Art Bio Matters website.

  • Create a website/platform for the ABM community that is more than just a conference site. This site should be easily managed without the help of a web developer once established.

  • Currently we are using the Wix platform. We need to use a platform that we can update, expand, and edit on our own once established.

  • We want to optimize this platform as a hub for the ABM community; possible links and structure need to be envisioned that will make the site interactive and a destination.

  • Should be science and arts familiar.

  • Passionate and creative.

  • Contact info@artbiomatters.org