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Member events are specially organized by Art Bio Matters member and volunteers. They are intended to strengthen connections between members and help them find new colleagues to discuss research questions and concerns. Depending on the format, members will present current research projects, share open questions, and lead exchanges of information where the main goal is to improve the ways in which we understand biological materials in material heritage culture.


The following are members-only events.


Registration links will be sent directly to ABM members through Slack and Email.


Join us for monthly informal presentations on topics in biological material studies integrating science with conservation, history, culture, and/or other human sciences. Seminars take place every third Thursday and feature a 20-minute presentation by the speaker(s), followed by lively discussion with ABM community members. This platform allows you to share your area of interest, ongoing project, or seek collaboration outside your field. Submissions are reviewed continuously. Can't attend live? Recordings are available for one month to ABM members.

Reimagining Materiality: Artistic Interventions and Sustainable Innovations in algae-based polymers

Jessica French

In this seminar, French delves into her pioneering work with algae-based polymers, a cornerstone of her artistic practice. Through 'Other Matter', her experimental design studio, French champions sustainability with innovative outcomes for algae-based bioplastics, impacting beyond the cultural sector. The talk will offer an overview of her artistic journey, showcasing how traditional techniques are transformed by groundbreaking sustainable materials, including her innovative non-petrochemical decal signage—Other Matter Decals™...

Friday, May 17, 2024
6:30pm ET


Q&A round tables offer a unique opportunity to tap into the expertise within our diverse community. A small group of ABM members will each share current or on-going questions related to the biological materials of an object(s) in a brief (5-minute) description or presentation. This is followed by dynamic discussions with attendees, fostering knowledge exchange, brain storming, and opportunities for collaboration.

ABM March 2024 Round Table

Thainá Vígio
Pamela Hatchfield
Michael Galardi

Thainá Vígio is seeking other fungicide methods other than freezing and anoxia treatment for 19th c. silk textiles.

Pamela Hatchfield will discuss an outdoor Chinese sandstone sculpture compromised by a myriad of microbiological growth, and how to evaluate the risk of further damage from these species.

Micheal Galardi (on behalf of Celeste Mahoney) will discuss light spots uncovered on a Huastec sandstone relief and wonders about the possibility of biological growth as a factor.

Thursday, March 21, 2024
11:00 am ET


These informal conversations will explore the cross-disciplinary collaboration and research opportunities that define ABM. They aim to enhance our understanding of the diverse roles held by ABM members, spur collaborations, try out ideas, and explore new areas of study. Each conversation features two members, each from a different specialty (e.g., a curator and a scientist), who have not collaborated but have overlapping but not identical research interests. They will engage in a conversation based on three questions for each other, followed by audience discussion and questions.

ABM Member Conversations - June 2024

Ruth Ann Armitage &
Laurence Douny

In this inaugural conversation event, Ruth Ann and Laurence will exchange thoughts from different field perspectives (chemistry and anthropology) on the scientific analysis of wild silks.

Friday, June 28th, 2024
11:00 am ET


ABM members get to participate in a variety of ways. Don't miss your chance to network!

Why join the Art Bio Matters community?

Members of the ABM community enjoy many benefits, regardless of their area of interest. Our website and Slack workspace have something for everyone:

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Why join the Art Bio Matters community?

Members of the ABM community enjoy many benefits, regardless of their area of interest. Our website and Slack workspace have something for everyone:

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