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Welcome to ABM

A Cross-Disciplinary Hub for Biological Materials Research in Cultural Heritage 


ART BIO MATTERS (ABM) provides a stimulating forum in which to explore current and new directions in the study of biological materials found in cultural heritage collections. Communication and partnerships are facilitated by a robust website, dedicated Slack channel, and interactive Art Bio Matters Meetings.

While the core disciplines of ABM are science, curatorial/cultural history, and conservation, ABM welcomes other stakeholders involved in cultural heritage studies. A key aspect of the forum is the opportunity to discuss research at any stage of completion among a balanced community of experts in a format designed to promote collegial dialogue and debate.

uninterrupted line drawing of the mona lisa, several small conservation hand tools, and a stereoscope


inside view of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

ABM 2023

poster for the 2023 ABM meeting

ABM 2023 was an in-person meeting in NYC, continuing as a platform for open dialogue and debate between specialists interested in biological materials investigations of cultural heritage.



Discover projects from the ABM community

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Explore opportunities for education, professional development, employment, funding, and more.

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Stay connected to the most recent events with bimonthly

ABM virtual presentations by ABM Members and other

events of interest.

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