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JULY 19-21, 2023

Hosted by the Institute of Fine Arts, NYU,

and the Metropolitan Museum of Art

ABM 2023 aims to bring together a balanced community of experts for a dynamic forum for exchange. The goal of the ABM 2023 meeting is to nurture and grow the community that was established in previous meetings and through recent virtual programming. Key to the meeting is the development of an updated website, which will serve as a communication hub to identify connections between advanced scientific approaches (e.g., genomic, mass-spectrometry, antibody-based, and other techniques) and open research questions, thereby fostering focused and mutually beneficial collaborations, as well as providing educational resources.

The conference will include team presentations (featuring collaborations of scientists with colleagues in other disciplines) as well as lightning-round poster presentations. All participants interested in presenting or attending must apply; an application form will become available in late February 2023.



A special thanks to the RLF for their support of Art Bio Matters. 

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