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  • Jobs

    JOBS Track jobs as they are posted. Research Associate, NEH Grant [End-dated] You will perform scientific analytical development and optimization tailored to the collaborative interrogation of complex cultural heritage materials under the supervision of a Research Scientist. You will develop, implement, and evaluate novel mass spectrometric (MS) approaches for the study of composite samples from artworks for the explicit purpose of identifying chia oil. You will be in a one-year full time position funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities. For more information, visit the hiring page. Explore Conservator of Works of Art on Paper, Philadelphia Museum of Art The Conservator of Works of Art on Paper will perform conservation examinations and treatments on the museum’s collection of art on paper which spans the history of art from the fifteenth century illuminated manuscripts through Contemporary works in all mediums. The museum has major holdings in American, European, South Asian, and East Asian works including prints, drawings, photographs, illuminated manuscripts, artist illustrated books, as well as Asian scrolls and screens. Explore Back to Categories

  • Charlotte Hale

    Charlotte Hale Conservator Sherman Fairchild Center for Paintings Conservation The Metropolitan Museum of Art Previous Next New York, NY, USA MEMBER INFORMATION Participant 2018 Charlotte Hale received her training in the conservation of paintings at the Courtauld Institute of Art, and joined the Department of Paintings Conservation at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1987. Her publications include technical studies of works by Lorenzo Monaco, Giovanni Bellini, Velázquez, Cézanne, Gauguin, Van Gogh, and Seurat. ​ ​ All members

  • Ivory

    Composition Conservation Historical Use Case Studies Coming Soon We need you to develop new content for the ABM website. Please email or message in Slack if you are interested in building the ABM website. Back to Materials Ivory Similar to bone, ivory or dentin is comprised of a mineralized collagen matrix. Previous Next

  • John Wilson

    John Wilson Founder and CEO ProtiFi Previous Next Melville, NY, USA MEMBER INFORMATION Participant 2021 Dr. John P. Wilson, Ph.D., is Founder and CEO of ProtiFi, an omics-solutions innovator with the goal to bring precision omics to life™ originally spun out of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL). Dr. Wilson has dedicated his career to developing new transformative technologies to increase the speed, robustness and reproducibility of omics analyses. Technologies include the S-Trap sample preparation system and SimpliFi, ProtiFi's cloud-based, intuitive omics analysis platform. He received his PhD from the Rockefeller University and postdoced at CSHL. ​ ​ All members

  • Daniel Vallejo

    Daniel Vallejo Postdoctoral fellow Georgia Institute of Technology Previous Next Atlanta, GA, USA MEMBER INFORMATION Participant 2021 Daniel Vallejo is a postdoctoral fellow in Facundo Fernández’s group at the Georgia Institute of Technology. His interest is to apply his Ph.D. training in structural biology and ion mobility-mass spectrometry methodology development towards the structural and biophysical stability characterization of proteins found in paintings and to develop a community driven database for proteomic analysis of objects of cultural heritage. ​ ​ All members

  • Jane Malcolm-Davies

    Jane Malcolm-Davies Associate Professor of Textile Analysis The GLOBE Institute University of Copenhagen Previous Next Copenhagen, Denmark MEMBER INFORMATION Poster Presenter 2021, Team Presenter 2023 Jane Malcolm-Davies is an associate professor of textile analysis at the University of Copenhagen where she is part of a biocodicology team studying parchment (see Beasts2Craft online), although her specialism is in the interdisciplinary study of non-woven fabrics. She is the leader of ‘Knitting in Early Modern Europe’ (see – a project which gathers evidence for the development of knitting into an online collection with the aim of encouraging the scientific study of it via remote research tools. Minimally invasive analysis: Fact or fantasy? The challenge of 14C dating Early Modern material Read Abstract Silk, stains and science of a knitted waistcoat: The lab is a foreign country but do they do things differently there? Read Abstract All members

  • Lauren Audi

    Lauren Audi Genomics Lab Manager American Museum of Natural History Previous Next New York, NY, USA MEMBER INFORMATION Participant 2023 ​ ​ ​ All members

  • Cordula van Wyhe

    Cordula van Wyhe Senior Lecturer, History of Art Department University of York, UK Previous Next York, UK MEMBER INFORMATION Team Presenter 2023 Cordula’s intellectual journey began in the Low Countries, where she developed her interests in seventeenth-century religious and political imagery, female spirituality, and court culture. She is committed to a humane art history that strives to understand how our visual and tactile engagement with form and matter creates meaning. Her research and teaching extends to dress history beyond early modern Europe. She is passionate about teaching as a collaborative venture of co-discovery and knowledge creation. Victorian Parasols: Scientists, Artisans, Historians and Curators in Conversation Co-authored with Vanessa Jones. Read Abstract ​ All members

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