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Andrew Miranker

Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry
Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering


New Haven, CT, USA


Andrew Miranker is a full professor with 25-years of experience running a federally funded biomedical basic research lab. He is also an active, hands-on experimentalist with personal projects and lab-based undergraduate teaching of his own design in DNA engineering. In 2013, his undergraduate course, two years in the making, was the first of its kind at Yale. This was an elective biology lab, jointly taught with conservators and Yale’s History of Art Department. Since that time, his contacts with conservators and curators at Yale’s museums, particularly the Yale University Art Gallery, has only increased. In 2017, he chose to spend his sabbatical in the laboratory of team member Aniko Bezur, 10 miles from his own lab, in the Yale Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage. It was this daily contact with the Bezur lab while on his sabbatical that cemented his desire to contribute scholarship to this field. 

Extracting Stories from DNA preserved by 19th century Americana

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