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Catherine Gilbert

PhD Student
University of Bordeaux


Bordeaux, France


Catherine graduated with a bachelor’s in Liberal Arts and Sciences from the Maastricht Science Programme (Maastricht University) in 2018, with a specialisation in Chemistry. After this, she enrolled in the joint Chemistry master’s programme at the Universiteit van Amsterdam and the Vrije Universiteit, specialising in Analytical Sciences. Through TI-COAST, she performed her master’s thesis research at Shell Technology Centre, Amsterdam, where she helped to establish the use of SFC-MS as an analysis method. Catherine joined the S2MB (Mass Spectrometry of Biological Macromolecules) team of the UMR CNRS 5248 Institute of Chemistry & Biology of Membranes & Nano-objects to perform her PhD under the supervision of Professor Caroline Tokarski. She will work within the Marie Skłodowska-Curie European Training Network PUSHH and will focus on the use of mass spectrometry applied to the field of palaeoproteomics. 

Reaching trace level protein detection to study archaeological artefacts and museum objects: new proteomics methods based on high resolution mass spectrometry

Minimally invasive proteomics analysis: Application to museum objects made of ivory and bone

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